Top Travel Tips for That Person Going With Hearing Aids to Consider

Couple planning to take a trip and enjoy freedom despite needing hearing aids.

Is your motto have hearing aid will travel? If so, you probably already have a game plan in mind each time you take a vacation. If this is your first time hitting the road with a hearing aid, though, try to remember that planning ahead is the best way to protect and maintain the device while you travel. Consider some travel tips that will ensure you and your hearing aid stay safe and have a great time on your next vacation.

Travel is Chaotic

No matter how well you organize your trip or even how you get from place to place, travel is chaotic. That is true whether you are on a road trip, take a plane with your family or are riding the rails. Chaos breeds stress, and, when you are stressed, it’s easy to miss important details like how to care for your hearing aid.

Before you leave, develop a list of all the stuff you need to take with you and make sure extra batteries for your hearing aid is on the top of it. If your hearing aid comes with rechargeable batteries then bring along an extra charging station in case yours gets lost along the way. If you are traveling and are required to check your luggage carry batteries or that extra charger on you in case your bags get lost.

While you are making your list, think about what else you will need to maintain your hearing aids. How about:

  • The cleaning kit
  • A hairdryer to use in case they get wet
  • Additional domes and wax guards

Pack a few of Bluetooth accessories in your luggage, too. They are a big help if you should lose or damage your hearing aid on the road. The mic on a Bluetooth device can help you talk to people in a pinch.

Heading for the Airport

If flying is your chosen mode of transportation, plan to wear your hearing aids on the plane. Make sure to carry the case for them, batteries and cleaning supplies in your carry on, so they are handy. When going through security, don’t put your hearing aids on the belt for scanning. When it comes time to go through the body scanner, let them know you have a hearing aid in, so they don’t think you are hiding anything. They may ask you to take it out for examination or let you go through with it in place.

When on the plane, you might find hearing is challenging even with your hearing aid in place. The noise can overwhelm the device, so use other tricks to understand what is going like visual cues. Try putting a Bluetooth device in one ear if you are struggling, too. The remote mic might pick up conversation better while you are in the air than your hearing aid.

Some Common Sense Advice

Your hearing aids are tools that should make travel more fun, but you need to plan ahead in case you lose them or take them out and need to accommodate your hearing loss in other ways. If you are staying at a hotel, ask about adaptive equipment for the hearing impaired. They might have rooms that include lights that flash when the phone rings or in case the fire alarm goes off.

Keep written information with you at all times, too, like your itinerary and emergency contacts. You can use the itinerary when you check in to your hotel because you’ll probably be tired and might struggle to understand the clerk even with your hearing aid.

Research the areas you are going to visit and to see if there is a certified hearing aid retailer nearby. If something happens and you need to get your hearing aid repaired or even replaced, you will already know where to go for help.

Have hearing aid will travel? Absolutely! Don’t let your hearing loss change the way you live. There is no reason you can’t go out and experience life whatever that means to you. Go ahead and plan that dream vacation just be smart about it, so you hear every minute of the fun.

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